Hedi Slimane is synonymous with rock n roll chic, he gave us the impossibly slim tailored suits for Dior Homme and when he took the reigns at YSL he blossomed even though there were critics everywhere. I watched his collections in awe as he made me want the simples of t-shirts but made in an expensive mix of cotton, cashmere and silk. Then came the perfect black patent lace up flat that stands out as much as any stiletto would. Then came the perfect suit, the classic tailored cigarette pant that respected women’s curves yet was totally masculine in tailoring. Many accused Hedi Slimane of somehow copying and reproducing clothes that people have already seen before, but his genius was not in reinventing the wheel, his genius was in meticulous execution of every single detail. The little gold chain and little swatch of leather with embossed Saint Laurent on the inside of the perfectly cut jeans was the only discreet labelling that Hedi wanted to show. The perfect wash of denim, the perfect fit, the perfect cut. Even though Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent made clothes we are all familiar with, the way he made them was totally new. Suddenly everything was better, and if you see a pair of Saint Laurent jeans and a t-shirt on the street, they are recognisable because they stand out. Even if a person cannot identify it’s Saint Laurent, there will be questions and compliments of saying, “Wow! This t-shirt looks perfect!” And it wasn’t just t-shirts – he made amazing suits, dresses, cardigans, accessories, aviators, blazers, leather jackets, and trenches. Those were all perfect and reflected the DNA of Yves Saint Laurent himself. He will be truly missed!!

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