The fashion weeks have come to conclusion in the four most important cities for fashion, which are New York, London, Milan, and Paris. And yet I could argue that Paris is the most important fashion city of them all, it is were creativity is not a way to rebel but a way to make a woman feel her very best. After we have seen all over Instagram: colours, feathers, embellishments, slogans, and new proportions the main question still remains unanswered. What does a professional woman wear in an industry dominated by men? How does she stay true to herself without losing the air of professionalism or giving anything away that might not be welcome as a first impression. I know that 21st century is the time for being yourself as you are; however, with more and more women coming into the workforce that notion needs to be seriously reconsidered. The only designer that springs to mind right away as a designer for women who work is Buchra Jarrar, who came on the Parisian scene a few years ago and has only been truly noticed when women start looking for the best cut suit they can find. I am all for creativity, I just find it a bit hard to merry creativity with everyday life, especially a professional one where irony and sense of humour in clothes are rarely appreciated in a board meeting. So here are some of my picks for the women who will be running in heels all over a busy city and has to look just as if not more polished than a man wearing a suit (unfortunately Buchra Jarrar is not so widely sold on the internet, must visit Paris for that).

alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

tom ford

Tom Ford



Bouchra Jarrar



Stella McCartney



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