Why is she such an important designer? Well, for one thing she is the coolest woman I know who can inspire equally the young generation of girls and the older more mature women. This is no easy feat, it takes a certain knowledge of a woman’s mentality (yes with all the crazy that comes with it) and not to mention the female body – to get it right EVERY TIME! First and foremost she is all about women being comfortable, that is why she puts them in comfortable shoes, beautiful yet durable fabrics and comfortable knits. Because at the end of the day a conceptual piece of art (like that of Dior by Raf Simmons) might be gorgeous for a second, have fun wearing a perforated glossy leather trench as a dress with thigh high skin tight boots all day long. You might do that for an hour, but Isabel Marant makes clothes girls and women want to change into after wearing a stiletto all day long. There is sexy and then there is Isabel Marant sexy, the french je ne sais quo that nobody can replicate unless you’ve lived in Paris.

Isabel Marant Fall 2015 ready to wear


click on the image for full runway show, photos taken from


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