There has been a lot of ethnic motifs present in the styling, clothes, and embroideries as of late. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw Olga Vilshenko’s designs appear on the giant Her designs are an homage to the slavic embroideries and silhouettes and they look authentic and at the same time fit in with the ‘now’ aesthetic that Hedi Slimane started with the peasant like dresses, fringed bags and shoes in neutral suede and was followed by Valentino’s emphasis on embroidery in their recent collections. Basically what I am saying is that organic, ethnic, and earthy mood is here to carry us through to fall. And I especially want to draw my attention to the dresses of Vilshenko and Haut Couture Valentino show, let it serve as inspiration to us and put us in the mood to try something new whatever that means for each of us.

Olga Vilshenko


Valentino Haut Couture Spring 2015


click on each image for details


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