I always love the Versace collections and especially the haute couture one is always distilled into the essence of what Verace woman is all about: power, sex, and strength. The hair and make up are as important as the clothes themselves – in fashion circles when you say Versace hair people will know what you are talking about – it’s the glossy, voluminous perfectly done healthy hair, preferably long but even shorter hair do’s get an upgrade and made to look like a million dollars. The make up is always concentrated on the eye in different ‘smoky’ variations with a nude lip from pinkish nudes to beige neutrals. The formula is full proof and rarely changes. I feel like it is during these fashion shows that models get a lot of recognition and prestige, to walk in a show like this is iconic and reminiscent of the 90’s super model era. Even though most of the clothes that Donatella shows these days are too much for my taste, I love to take away the inspiration to be a bit bolder with my sartorial choices.

Atelier Versace Spring 2015 Couture Collection


photos from click on the image to see the rest of the collection


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