The bad news is that Alexander McQueen was a rare genius and he left this world too early; the good news is that he has left behind plenty of inspiration for Sarah Burton for years to come. When Alexander McQueen was alive every fashion show was anticipated to be absolutely different yet still magical and equally special as the last; but the key here is that McQueen liked to reinvent himself every season pushing the boundaries further and further. In the end he burnt himself out, but reinvention is at the core of the brand. With Sarah Burton at the helm it is more of a quiet progression of an idea of what Alexander McQueen stood for. She knows the house codes inside out but she is no genius. So it is with nostalgia I look at the collections from her each season and even though I love the silhouettes and the clothes, I cannot help but miss the daring spirit of Alexander McQueen himself.

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2015




photos from click on the image to see full collection


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