There is one particular part of the world that knows luxury living like no other, from the perfect climate to the big cars, healthy lifestyle and attention to every detail California wins in the understated luxury. If it doesn’t feel comfortable it doesn’t pass the test. That is why some of my favorite brands have come from there. Frame Denim for once makes the perfect pair of jeans suitable for everyday wearing because they look just as good as they feel. Another amazing Californian brand is James Perse where one will find the perfect t-shirts for boys and girls. And my recent discovery is the Elder Statesman that makes to die for cashmere basics. I want to live in these clothes and never take them off. They feel like heaven and look just as good.

The Elder Statesman Jumpsuit471056_in_xl

A simple scarf that is not so simple


Perfect cashmere ribbed leggings, better than Marc Jacobs or Céline have done in my opinion


all photos from click on the images to buy


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