It seems like come next fall we will want to wear a tailored skirt over slouchy or tailored slim pants. It is fascinating how with time our eye gets used to something and then what seemed like a nightmare from the past reemerges as something fresh and cool again. This is the case with the skirt over pants. I never thought I would be saying that I am in favor of this silhouette but on the right girl it looks cool, relaxed, and chic. Another proportion that is coming back is the cropped blazer with high waisted slim trousers which enhance the curves and elongate legs. The subtle changes going forward are demanding on the body, meaning a curvy girl is going to have a hard time playing with these proportions. This is strictly for the very tall, slim girl that cannot necessarily pull of an Alaïa dress the way a curvy girl can.

Alexander Wang: the black and white is the key to playing with proportions so that it is not overwhelming and does not look forced, I love the white shirt peeking from the jacket


Lanvin: it pays to go and see his whole Pre-Fall collections, he is having a really good year and every piece is very desirable, wearable, and has lasting power.


Sally LaPointe: is a newbie among heavyweights and this is why she is so charming, her pre-fall collection was wonderfully keeping up with the changes going on in fashion right now; she is kind of the cool girl next door that drinks champagne instead of beer.


all photos from click on the image to see the full collection


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