I know that almost everyone is preoccupied with Christmas holidays at the moment but I prefer the celebration of New Year. The symbolism of starting over is very dear to me this year and I plan to celebrate my new life and my new beginnings in white. For the past two years white has become my go to color from shoes to bags to jeans and I haven’t gotten sick of it just yet. So this year when I started looking at dresses that inspire me they were all white, even a jumpsuit or two were more desirable to me in a white or cream color. Right now there is a heavy 60s influence in the silhouette with the empire waist and short lengths and since Hedi Slimane was the driving force behind it some of the best dresses are Saint Laurent; but I was also pleasantly surprised by what Miu Miu has to offer. I must admit that I prefer the Miu Miu dresses even more than the Saint Laurent. Pure joy, innocence and big dreams that is what I am about going forward into the next year.

Saint Laurent 56213

Miu Miu


Miu Miu


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