I think it is equally important to pay attention to the details that the outside world can see as it is to the details that are reserved only for private viewers. Underwear for women is a place to have fun, enjoy, and experiment. My rules are black or nude maybe rose petal pink underwear, for some reason I do not like white as it tends to look cheap. I do not like red color in general so that is also a no for me. My preference goes to lace, mesh, or anything transparent as it gives a subtle sexiness that I crave at the moment. Also no push up bras, ever! The absolute favorite brands on the market for me right now are Eres and Kiki de Montparnasse. The quality, cut, and design are absolutely superior. I also like all the bells and whistles that come with lingerie, the garter belts with stockings the bodysuits I am game for all of it.




Kiki de Montparnasse


click on images to buy


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