When I see a cape I always think of a mysterious woman with the most interesting life and want to get to know her more. Not to mention how elegant it can be and the slightly restricted movement that it forces the wearer to take is pure seduction. This play of absolutely covered up and not a curve in sight and yet somehow the way the cape flows when you walk is a joy to the spectators. I think this is the year I am going to invest in a cape for myself and assume the role of the mysterious woman with something to hide.

My three choices are obvious:

Gareth Pugh – with every year I love him more and more, this cape has so much movement that out of the three this is definitely my choice.

gareth pugh

Vionnet is very formal, the huge front lapels have a feel of an exaggerated tux, this is great for a first date.


Saint Laurent – I could not resist posting this little red riding hood, this is super appropriate for role play; I highly doubt a sophisticated woman would dare to wear such a flashy piece of clothing, but it’s fun to dress up sometimes.

saint laurent

click on the image to buy


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