I always wondered what constitutes a beautiful woman in the eyes of a sophisticated, elegant, mature man? Is it the way she carries herself, dresses, talks, all of the above? I came to a disappointing conclusion that the only criteria men look for is a tight ass, young age, and beautiful smile. It does not matter how successful and intelligent the woman is, she also has to look desirable and to a man that look must be obvious. No hidden messages, everything on display. I do not mean a mini skirt and barely there top with high heel, but I do mean clothes that show the woman’s curves – it can be a suit but it has to show off the woman’s body. I heard from more than one man that the sexiest part of a woman is the proportion of her waist to her hips, it’s all biology. So this brings me to another point, if a woman knows how she is being perceived it is not difficult to play up her strength and conceal weaknesses. To me the absolute luxury is dressing how I like without considering any man’s opinion or woman’s for that matter. But it is fun sometimes to play with people’s mind and make them believe in a fantasy. The world is a stage…

Hermès – Christophe Lemaire’s last collection was all about the usual: comfort, woman, and luxury. I am happy to see that the accessories are blending into the background and finally the clothes are speaking louder with each season. It’s refreshing.


photos from style.com click to see the full collection


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