I know I said that the underdog in Paris is having a moment, but the big dogs are not slowing down either. The voices of the established houses are loud and clear and I do appreciate that most are building on the previous collections giving the women a chance to simply add to their wardrobe instead of changing completely. I like the idea of building the perfect wardrobe over time. There are certain houses like Chanel, Chloé, and Céline (all start with a C coincidentally) that make clothes that last for a long time. I think when women spend such a large amount on their clothes they need to bring value and pleasure back, otherwise the whole scheme collapses. I said it once and I’ll repeat it over and over, the fashion world is built on a dream, a moment, something completely intangible yet priceless.


The dream girl of every boy and girl, she is perfect and she knows it. Everybody wants that hair!! And those sandals are a top buy on my list.



Woman’s woman, I always love to see what the women designers are wearing themselves, it says a lot about where fashion is going. And Stella pulls of the casual business balance with aplomb.



The chaotic woman keeps on going. Albert’s signature is strong and people are still drawn to it.




By now Riccardo Tisci has a cult following with his gypsy like warrior women in graphic t-shirts with dogs and bambis on them. I am a bigger fan of his accessories than his clothes. This season however, Riccardo brought me back to really look at the clothes of Givenchy and not just shoes and bags. Those all in once with graphic cut outs and knee length boots have my name written all over them.



The best dressed on the cat walk was Phoebe Philo herself.


all photos from to see the collections in full just click on any image


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