Paris fashion week can be overwhelming sometimes because the biggest names in fashion all want to show there and the competition for ideas and new concepts can be loud and sometimes even obnoxious to the modern woman. This season however it seemed like the big houses are doing exactly what they have always done – showing the codes of the house with a little update, nothing to write home about. To me the winners here are the lesser known designers who are still establishing themselves in the industry without a huge global reach where they are free to do and create with a much smaller budget than the huge houses and sometimes it makes for some magical moments. Sure the styling sometimes lacks the refinement but I see it as how a modern girl or a woman would dress herself. Once the element of perfect is removed, the much more beautiful reality comes through. Nobody looks good clinically polished, a little chaos helps us feel and look our best.


Upscale street wear that will never go out of style because it is almost a uniform.

a.f. vandevorst_UMB1297_UMB1747


Political message with a lot of irony, “Visit Paris before he does” with a picture of Putin on t-shirts is divine, I will get it as soon as it comes out. I love to see fashion as a reflection of our times.

talbot runhofKIM_0203KIM_0392


Sydney designer comes to Paris and gives an update to a serious business look.



For a girl going out in Paris, to the hottest club opening where she knows all eyes will be on her. She welcomes it because she is fully aware of her sex appeal.



Melancholic, poetic, a little dark and sad, this girl is mysterious and not afraid to show it.


all photos from click on any image to see the full collection


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