The first few glimpses of Paris fashion week are all about the emotional woman. Her attitude, her  sex appeal, the duality of strong and weak, the aggression, and the delicate and fragile. Those are just some things that make up a woman, she is much more complicated than that. But Gareth Pugh presented a woman in the role of a fool, and it takes a lot of wit and strength to be able to play the fool and in the end it is everyone who falls for that idea that is fooled and leaves the woman on top. I love the masks, the silhouettes and the suggestion of what that woman could be. The strongest image is the white dress with the horned mask, I see irony in that she is pure yet somehow with horns, I think it defines marriage perfectly. Life is not pure and simple, it’s dark, complicated, and never naive.

Gareth Pugh Gareth_Pugh_002_1366Gareth_Pugh_021_1366Gareth_Pugh_034_1366 Alexis Mabille

It looks like he made the collection for a woman on the rebound, for one reason or another she broke it off with her significant other and is regaining her sexuality back. She is out to prove to everyone she’s still got it. It’s not about men, it’s about her, she is proving to herself that time is still on her side, she still matters but she’s stronger and wiser. She is not only looking to have fun, she is also looking for confirmation. Alla Kostromicheva’s body is perfect for the barely covered garment, a woman like that is not going to be looking for too long. The question is as long as time itself, does sexuality empower women or actually makes them vulnerable? Does age and the fact that as men get older they only want younger play a big role in the way women behave? The only answer I can come up with is being sinfully sexy and confident and at the same time educated and independent. alexis mabilleMARC9631MARC9764 all photos from click on the image to see the whole collection


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