The Milano girl does not work. She stylishly hops from her daily activities like exercising or sitting in a little café to going out in the most bold and attention grabbing outfit she can find. There is a real feel of luxury in Milan, everything is embellished, adorned, and worked on, the clothes themselves feel labored in the best sense of the word. The Emilio Pucci girl is always ready to party, the Fendi girl is bored of everything and only wants shiny and new that no one else has or has done, Ports girl is a bit more serious with some work wear elements, and finally my favorite Bottega Veneta is a lounging ballerina dressed in the best cashmeres and jersey one can find with a sweater thrown over for comfort. This is a bit of dream world where everything is perfect like in a memory, the imperfections fall away because the eye is blinded by all the intricate details, embroideries, and embellishments.

Emilio Pucci


Fendi – notice the fantastic alligator pony tails, so clever!


Ports 1961


Bottega Veneta


all photos from click on the image to see the rest of the collection


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