Tom Ford rose to stardom during his years as a head designer at Gucci, everything was over sexualized and expensive and he forever changed the notion that women can easily use their sexual power to dominate and feel superior while still remain very much feminine and not compromised. He achieved that by using expensive fabrics, perfect cuts, and perfectly styled hair and make up, he believes in the true essence of being a woman, not hiding, but embracing everything nature has bestowed. The Tom Ford woman is not much different from the Gucci woman of the 90’s. She is always dark, irresistible and powerful. Tom Ford woman is used to luxury, she is not easily impressed by a new Birkin or a Chanel suit, she wants everything to be personalized and one of a kind, made only for her and with her initials somewhere on the label. She is spoiled yet not naive, to me she is the aging beauty that is an accessory to a successful businessman who bought her the life she wants and in return all she has to do is look sexy and expensive, the kind of obvious beauty that men easily understand. Tom Ford dresses women for men, not women for women. And just for a little bit every woman can relate because it’s raw natural instincts at their best – sexuality as a weapon. This is not a fantasy world of perfection, this is the world of human weakness and desires. He definitely knows how to capture that perfect woman that is irresistible to every man.



photos from, click on the image to see the rest of the collection


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