It is easy to get confused and either be too sexy or too conservative when the magic is blending both to be sexy without trying too hard. This Versace dress is both sexy and elegant and I can see the dress styled just as it is on the pages of Paris Vogue, which is notorious for getting that balance right every time. Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld before her put the emphasis on the women instead of on the clothes; I see it done in other magazines such as American Vogue. I forget the last time I actually remembered an image of any other magazine but Paris Vogue. Other magazines rarely care about the girls, they want to advertise and it is becoming too transparent, meanwhile Paris Vogue still makes the focal point on the woman, not the clothes and yet the reader can still appreciate the gorgeous clothing displayed. To me that is the real talent of an editor. Getting back to this absolutely stunning Versace number; to me this is cleaned up 80’s and at the same time timeless. This dress would be appropriate at multiple different occasions, be it a summer party in Mykonos, cocktails at the Ritz in Paris, or a corporate reception in New York, it would work equally great because it is not too revealing, or too short, or too anything. It’s perfect.



$2,125 is the price tag on net-a-porter.com:



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