As a child I loved the fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen particularly one about the Emperor’s New Clothes, a tale about two dressmakers that fooled the king into wearing invisible clothing that only the smart could see and the people who couldn’t see them were supposed to be stupid, incompetent, and small-minded; long story short the king ended up parading around the city naked and everyone had a good laugh. Well, this particular dress from Valentino couture collection reminds me of exactly the fairytale about the king. This dress has no place in the real world. Lets start with the oxymoron that one would have to shell out $30,000+ for a dress like that just to be practically naked in public. On the runway it has a place to be seen and debated and called art or vision of the designer. In a public setting it would be ridiculed no matter how beautiful the woman wearing the dress is. So the irony is that even when one spends a substantial amount of money on a garment there is no guarantee that what she gets in return is worth the price.


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