Most people would agree that fashion is quite trivial, materialistic, and vain. When there is intellect and a more adult outlook on life, fashion fades into the background. However, I would disagree because what is most important for women is how they feel. Happiness, contentment, and positivity start with feeling good about yourself and clothes, accessories, and makeup is what helps us get there. Especially in sickness, I have been fighting grave’s disease for 15 months now, which coincides with me starting this blog. In the middle of this devastation I wanted to be surrounded by beauty and only think about the positive. It consumed me entirely, most people have no idea what a thyroid gland is, and I was a happy one of them until I realized it controls ones immune system, mood swings, appetite, heart rate, and can affect appearance of eyes, skin, hair, weight loss. Before I was diagnosed I was a shadow of my former self, with life taken out of me. So I used fashion to the best of my ability, always dressed up, always with perfect hair and make up. It helped me get through my dark days and enhanced the good ones. I know that everyone is fighting some kind of a battle and we turn to beauty and perfection for the comfort of making ourselves a little better than yesterday. My saving grace was my collection of beautiful sunglasses that I would wear non stop when my eyes were swollen. I am ready to get this over with so I can get back to feeling like myself again. But alas I still have a long way to recovery and meanwhile, my tastes and sartorial choices get much bolder and refined because my style is my strength when my body fails me. This is not meant to be a feel sorry for me moment, this is just a message that women should not feel bad about wanting to look good. Clothes can be empowering, they can seduce, and give us the extra confidence that we all need. This particular dress by Valentino with a cape and a gorgeous neckline feels like a warrior princess to me. In this anyone would feel invincible. I am absolutely a believer in the illusion that fashion provides, we create an illusion of who we want to be or how we perceive ourselves. So here is to the strong women, the confident individuals, and beauty!

you can get this dress below:



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