It is summer, time for weddings and vacations or time with family and friends. Yet for some, nothing is more appealing than spending time alone in the city of lights and dreams where women are celebrated the most. I had never been to another city where a woman is more appreciated and admired in all her splendor and shortcomings, there is a reason why Paris is so magical. It is all about the woman. Of course somehow there is always a man that comes into the picture, but I am not a romantic novelist, I just love beautiful clothes and like to set the setting for what I am about to talk about. Paris is rarely hot during summers so there is always a need for trench coat, great pair of shoes, and jeans, oh and don’t bring an umbrella with you, when it starts raining there will always be a gentleman who will give you his. Try it. And when I was thinking over the most perfect Parisian wardrobe to meet all my stylistic goals of looking impeccably chic, young, and put together I realized that I easily found everything in one place. Yes, just one store, one brand, one designer who has your Parisian wardrobe covered completely and it is Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. He designs the perfect blue jeans, the perfect stiletto, the perfect t-shirt, the perfect white blazer, the perfect dress, the perfect trench, the perfect striped sweater, and the perfect bag to bring it all together. The best part about the clothes is that they are all interchangeable, you can make many looks with just 10 articles of clothing and accessories plus sunglasses. Take a look:

Saint Laurent Everything:



all the photos from www.ysl.com 


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