I am constantly researching the new and the now in clothes and accessories and am paying close attention to clothing made specifically for working women. Not working women in fashion or blogging, but working women in businesses like banking, finance, maritime, commodities, in other words still predominantly male industries where women are still breaking ground and are surrounded by sea of men in black and grey suits. The dilemma comes in when trying to dress for the work environment and have the professionalism that women posses match their entire appearance. It is easier said than done, and I am talking from experience. There is a big reason why Céline, Joseph and Stella McCartney are great investments loved by women world wide – the clothes are made for women BY WOMEN. They understand that women need to dress up for function not pure fashion. We not only need to hide our curves under the business suit, we also cannot tip over to looking too masculine. It’s a beautiful balance and to achieve it is to know oneself and not be afraid of blending in or standing out, whichever you prefer. I have skimmed a few of my favorites stores, websites and came to the conclusion that the majority of designers still do not understand that most of women WORK. They still want to see us in frilly skirts, lacy blouses, delicate dresses, and sky high heels. But this is not reality for the predominant number of women I know. So I found a few selections for women to feel smart, powerful, confident and look the part. 

Stella McCartney










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