So far the standout from the Resort 2015 for me is Maison Martin Margiela. The cuts, the colors, the shoes, and the styling is something I feel will carry on with us through next season and will be highly covetable to a variety of women. These clothes are for the modern woman, the one that goes to work, has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t match her bag with her shoes. These are also clever clothes as I mentioned in my previous post about Margiela, what looks like a shirt can be turned into a skirt, or jacket into a vest, little details that make it utterly unique and a strong signature of Margiela. And I am fairly certain the stiletto will have a break for a while  and give way to a strong low heel masculine shoe like the ones shown here. I am in love with the color, which goes with everything in any weather. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this collection in stores. And unlike most collections, that by the time they get to the shopping floor the looks had been photographed to death and look dated, these clothes have staying power. 

Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2015


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