I do not remember being this excited about a leather biker jacket since Nicolas Ghesquière created them for Balenciaga, every trendy girl had one and I hope still appreciates it, because that jacket is a masterpiece. However since Nicolas is having fun at Louis Vuitton these days and Alexander Wang is being way too serious for Balenciaga (I am serious just go to http://www.balenciaga.com and check out the ladylike leather jackets); I had nothing to do but look elsewhere, precisely to my new obsession BLK DNM. Lindeberg just does it right and covers all the basics of a great fit. For example, I no longer like the shorter leather biker jackets because they look a bit 2007 to me. But this piece hits all the right points, so I’ll be looking forward to a really bad weather to rock it out from time to time until the official time to wear a proper biker jacket – Fall and all through Winter and more than half of Spring…can you tell I love leather jackets?

BLK DNM Leather Biker Jacket


Pay attention to how he makes the back a bit longer, this creates the perfect fit:



I found one here:



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