You either know it or you don’t. This fashion house leaves very few people indifferent, usually the response is “I love Margiela” or “I don’t get it, it’s too fashion.” For me the house of Margiela, without the reclusive designer since at least 2008, has maintained the acute sense of irony and intelligence. These clothes are witty, for someone with a great sense of humor and style. The cut and the precision of fit and design is outstanding, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Martin worked as Hermès women’s designer and for Jean Paul Gaultier’s line. He was a big admirer of Rei Kawakubo, and liked to challenge the norm. These clothes are not for a novice who is simply dipping a toe into the fashion world, these clothes are for the experienced and the most stylish women and men who know very well what they want out of fashion. 

I first discovered Maison Martin Margiela in 2007 in Le Bonne Marché, in Paris. I was obsessed with the store and skipped many, many classes in AUP just to wonder around the store and take it all in. The beautiful wooden floor that squeaks every time you step and the gorgeous isles upon isles of clothing. And plus at that time it was the only store I knew to carry Tom Ford perfumes and Bobbi Brown cosmetics, which I was obsessed with. The clothes were divided among classics and contemporary with Margiela having its own unique corner. It stood alone. I remember looking at the clothes and the odd displays without any labels inside but a cloth with four stitches and numbers outside, different to say the least. And all of a sudden I wanted to be a part of this club that knew something I didn’t. It felt special to ‘get’ the clothes and see what is going on. Granted it didn’t take long because the tailoring was and is impeccable and anything you purchase is so timeless yet ‘out of the box’ that it doesn’t get old. I have acquired a few tailored blazers and pants from Margiela and every time I wear them, I feel a bit witty myself. 

So getting back to my favorite song from Kanye “Ni**as in Paris”: Yes, yes that jacket is Margiela!!

See what I mean when I say classic and beautifully tailored? Love this tux!!



photo from: 


This is the ‘out of the box’ yet practical I am talking about:


also from far fetch:


And I have been waiting for a while to see this vest in stores, and here it is:


photo from:



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