Have you ever had an argument in which you knew that you might not have a winning hand. Did you ever feel like you need something extra, to take you over the edge and prove everyone wrong. Well, right now I am fighting the fight of my life. And it all starts in the morning in front of my bathroom mirror, getting ready to go out the door. I am convinced that looking great is more than half of job done correctly, because almost 80% of communication is non verbal. Before you even utter a word a person standing next to you has already formed some kind of an opinion about you. And how else to speak without a single word than through clothes? My wardrobe choices are razor sharp and mean business. First we start with the color – it must be black, there is no stronger color for a woman plus it symbolizes that she is mourning her girlhood and welcoming her adulthood where she rules. Her accessories need to exude power as well, nothing girly, only sharp edges and precision, the perfect pump, the quilted bag, the aviator sunglasses. These things speak for themselves, it takes a very brave and assured woman not to go to the security blanket of a dress and instead put a power suit on, it takes even more guts to put a power JUMPSUIT on. The heel must be high but no platforms, platforms to men signal ‘hookerville’ it is never a good look. In this world women have so far reclaimed a lot of territory, but they still have a long way to go. I am a feminist through and through, but it doesn’t mean you will find me in ill fitting jeans with no make up on. On the contrary, the way to a man’s head is through looking as together and polished as possible. Here are my choices:

Saint Laurent tuxedo jumpsuit:


yours for $3,500 at

Razor sharp Christian Louboutin So Kate stiletto, there is no substitute for the red sole when it comes to making a statement:


$625 here:

The only bag that doesn’t say you tried too hard or wanted to be fashionable is the 2.55 original Chanel flap bag with gold hardware. It is the calculated decision that a rational thinking woman would make when purchasing a bag, it is practical, beautiful, and long lasting.


so far you cannot purchase it online

Last but not least, the Saint Laurent classic pilot sunglasses with gold hardware to match the Chanel bag. Sunglasses are like a shield into your soul, if they cannot see your eyes you don’t need a poker face. This is the masculine touch that would look amazing to this whole ensemble, and I am speaking from experience, I have this pair and no other sunglasses even comes close. When I found another pair, I’ll let you know.


$375 and they are yours:


I have said it before, and I will say it again, clothes and accessories tell the world who we are without us saying a word. This is not something to be taken lightly, there is a reason better looking people have an easier time succeeding at work. When a woman or a man looks put together it signals to the rest of the world that she must be doing something right.


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