Lets talk about shorts. Since I am not a big fan of shorts, especially I have a hard time liking tailored shorts of any kind and lacy shorts remind me of summer childhood days, and I do not like to see adult women bringing them back. Lets talk about shorts in different materials like leather, suede, and pvc. In other words, sexy grown up shorts. These adult materials bring a really cool factor to shorts. I would keep everything else super simple with a cashmere and silk t-shirt with a low v-neck and flat sandals or a modest stiletto, no platforms – that will take us to the wrong direction of looking cheap in expensive clothes. I chose the following shorts most importantly for the flattering fit, the length is long enough to feel comfortable, and the materials make them a great option for a night out. 

Wanda Nylon Black PVC shorts


$400 at

Anthony Vaccarello Suede Navy Shorts


$1,333 at

Saint Laurent Black Leather Shorts 


$2,000 at

all photos from


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