A bag to a woman is something like a watch to a man. The bag we carry says a lot about us wether we like it or not. And I am known to believe that a particular bag will solve all my life’s problems and will make me eternally happy. Foolish. But the fashion industry knows our weak spots all too well. So they keep coming out with new beautiful things to carry with us and make it a part of our lives. It’s the amazing feeling of touching the soft leather, smelling the bag, yes it has a distinct ‘new’ smell, then swiftly purchasing it and taking it home…where you unwrap the bag, take 1000 pictures…oops…did I just say that out loud! In other words, bags are IMPORTANT. I want mine to be both chic and casual, expensive and durable, as beautiful on the outside as it is inside. And I think I found it. Her name is Céline luggage tote, she is beige, a little fat on the sides, and totally irresistible. Or here is another Céline in off white, with an orange interior (how Hermès of her!). Either one would complete my summer wish list, and who knows maybe solve a more serious life problem or two…



photos from http://www.celine.fr


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