What is in a white dress? I think people wear white for very special occasions, it does not have to be a wedding, white is for celebration. White says I am wearing something new, I am taking great care of how I look today; it almost means a new beginning. Any of these dresses could help you stand out in the best way possible. 

White crisp Alaïa in a classic shape says my life is so organized and together, I can afford to wear a white dress for a day and not even care if it gets dirty or wrinkly, I have an army of help behind me. Because if you can afford an Alaïa, you’ve got it made. 



you cay buy it here: https://montaigne-market.com/EN_13387_Women-Clothing_Dresses_Azzedine-Alaia_Azzedine-Alaia-white-plumetis-cotton-shirt-dress.html

Romantic Givenchy is for the girly girl, who isn’t afraid of showing her feminine side. All the tassels, polka dots, and lace can be overwhelming unless you know how to carry yourself in this dress, and with a price tag of 7000eur, which is almost $10,000, the dress doesn’t scream, “impulse buy”. I would not be able to pull off such an elaborate dress, I would get lost in it, but when a girl knows how to do it, it’s very appealing. 


you can buy it here: https://montaigne-market.com/EN_13308_Women-Clothing_Dresses_Givenchy_Givenchy-white-plumetis-silk-chiffon-dress.html

Edgy Sacaï is for the young and trendy with killer legs and the perfect tan. I absolutely love this dress. I would feel like myself in this dress  in gladiator sandals, in nude stilettos, or even in white Givenchy ankle boots. This is effortless, youthful, and irresistible to the young girl. I am that young girl. 


you can buy it for 860eur here: https://montaigne-market.com/EN_13290_Women-Clothing_Dresses_Sacai_Sacai-white-bimaterial-dress.html


all photos from http://www.montaigne-market.com



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