Chanel believes that they cannot sell their luxury products such as purses, shoes, and clothes online because they would not be able to provide their customers with the Chanel experience. Enter with the following mission statement,”Here at Avenue K, we believe fashion is universal, but we know not everyone has access to the latest or most sought-after brands. Avenue K is a fashion marketplace that connects independent sellers, who have set up their own online boutiques, with shoppers from all over the globe, providing access to the world’s hottest and most exclusive fashions.” And just like that Chanel products, albeit in very limited selections could be delivered to your door. I say it’s very democratic of them to be able to do this without increasing the prices of Chanel products and it is a very clever way of going around the non online sales policies that Chanel has established. I am a big fan of anything and everything being available to be shipped to your door at a moments notice, what is more luxurious than that?

So here are some offerings on





One thought on “CHANEL AT YOUR DOOR

  1. Thank you for such a fabulous post about our site! Avenue K attracts shoppers from around the world who love fashion, but have limited access to the brands they desire. We combine the access of luxury online shopping with customer service. Thank you again for such a thoughtful review. — Avenue K

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