After the world financial crisis of 2008, I saw numerous magazines come up with new ways to sell clothes. And one compelling idea was that not all clothes, bags, or shoes are created equal. Some have more longevity than others and even more – they are good investments. I find this idea quiet entertaining, because to me an investment is something that will serve me well in the future rather than right now and clothes or accessories are bought to be used instantly and wear off over time. I myself wouldn’t go as far as calling a Chanel bag an investment, but I do get the point. If you want to be a ‘smart’ shopper, you want things in your closet that make sense and will serve your sartorial purpose for more than a fleeting season. Those clothes are usually called classics: it’s the Balmain blazer with impeccable tailoring, golden buttons, and the perfect fit; it’s the black Chanel Jumbo 2.55 in caviar that will last you a long time and look chic anywhere with anything; it’s the Christian Louboutin black patent pump that will never look out of place; it’s the Eres bathing suit that owes everything to its construction and materials; and the list goes on…These items can be viewed as long term, risk-free investments in your wardrobe because there is little chance that you will discard them after 1 or 2 wears. The junk bond, high risk equivalent of clothes are the Givenchy calf hair cow print lace ups that seem like a good idea at the time, but after 1 week look ridiculous or the Mary Katrantzou printed dress that looked great for a hot second until everyone got tired of them. It’s nice to have an unlimited budget and wear clothes only once, but for the majority of people fashion and style are very serious distinctions. I write about style 85% of the time and most of my favorited pieces are investments by default, but like any financial analyst knows that to maximize your returns one actually needs both the low risk and the high risk elements. I think same is true of style, the main building blocks of a wardrobe should be those investment pieces, but mixing in some fashion items like the cool t-shirt, jeans, or sunglasses makes us happiest. So happy investing!

Safe investment pieces:

Balmain Blazer



Saint Laurent leather biker jacket:



Celine sandal:



Chanel denim tote, it looks trendy but these things rarely look out of place:



Short term fashion pieces:

Givenchy calf hair cow print lace up shoes:



Mary Katrantzou printed dress:



Saint Laurent lipstick dress ( it is so eye catching and recognizable, have fun wearing it more than once!)



images from:,, and, and


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