The older I get, the more focused I become with my work, life, fitness, diet, and closet. Some might think it is the beginning of the end. I say: I know what I want and I know how to get it. And for some they might find it monotone and boring, but others understand that some crafts take a lifetime to perfect. Working on oneself does not mean constantly trying something new, sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is continuously doing and perfecting who we really are. That takes time and practice. So this is what I am doing, perfecting my closet to the clinical precision that completely fits my life and who I am today. It’s in constant transition, and designers make it extra fun because every couple of months they give women options on how to match how they look with how they feel. I had to wait until Paris Fashion Week to find my woman:

Bouchra Jarrar

Favorite of the acclaimed fashion critic Nicole Phelps of, who has been seen wearing some of her designs; she was a hit during haute couture shows, and to me she is one of the experts on the woman form and the modern suit. She pays a lot of attention to the materials and cut, the backbone of anyone wanting to look good under any circumstances:




I was not crazy about the overly embellished and over worked looks but the simple tailored skirt with a sweater done in a completely new way is so chic, so now, so me. 



Paco Rabanne

Famous for intricate embellishments done in metal and leather, this was a cleaner surprise. I was looking at this look for about 10 minutes before I decided to talk about the photo. It is so simple and then the bib like overlay is almost distracting, yet without it the look goes from edgy to completely plain. I love the proportions and somehow the embellished overlay is an integral part of the whole look and without it would be completely boring. I like how this makes a strong statement that less is not always more, sometimes you need a little extra. 



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