This upcoming year is the year of the horse, and I am looking forward to saying good bye to the snake of a year I have had. Horse is promising to be a gracious, royal, and well behaved year and I want to celebrate with the houses I know that always honor and love the horse: Hermès, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. In fact my dress for tonight is an Alexander McQueen. I want to do it right this year, so lets get inspired together. 

Gucci: I’m in love with the booties inspired by the riding boots, there is so much grace in them. And since I am spending the New Year in the tropics I was attracted to the bright colors of the spring 2013 collections, who said you can’t wear beautiful clothes year after year?  



Alexander McQueen: the homage to the riding pants plus this peplum top is really appropriate. I love the discipline and the uniforms of horse riders. It’s infinitely chic and gracious, all adjectives I aspire my life to be. 



Hermès: the king of all things horse inspired. I was really attracted to this riding blazer and a little bracelet with the horses, although not my style but still super appropriate. Have a healthy, happy, and gracious New Year!



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