I always look forward to this festive season with both the childlike hopefulness and with adult banality. The point of the decorations, the beautiful trees, lights, and sparkles are there to make us dream, but I always have a sense that nothing is ever enough, no matter how big the present boxes and how many beautiful things one gets – it’s not enough….I guess it’s the nature of humans. We want more, bigger, better, shinier…does it ever end? And what would satisfy those dreams and wants? Nothing tangible, that’s for sure! So here is to the dreams, because it’s not the present, not the big tree, not the vacations, or gorgeous dresses that make us happy, it’s the ability to dream, the ability to see good, see our loved ones healthy and happy that’s truly worthy of this festive season. Appreciate one another, give thanks to one another, and just enjoy the moment, because unfortunately nothing lasts forever. All is left is the memories, always embellished in our minds.

The photo is from, it’s the tree in the beautiful Galeries Lafayette


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