What to wear to work has been on my mind since I started looking for interviews out of university. How to appear professional, elegant, and modern in a sea of men in suits is not an easy task. How to be a woman in a men’s world is even harder one. My answer is a tailored dress in a very strong and striking silhouette in very classic colors. I strongly believe that dressing for the position you want rather than what you currently hold can help you advance in your chosen career; because when you are well dressed it gives you extra confidence to speak out and get noticed. This is why I love the role of fashion in our everyday lives. The great Coco Chanel said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” So here are my choices of a business dress, today’s work uniform for women in power.

Victoria Beckham: I feel like she knows a thing or two about wanting to appear professional and make people forget that she once was a popular performer. She was successful in getting the fashion world to take her seriously and she did that through her wardrobe.


Roland Mouret: who could forget his galaxy dress, it was an exercise in masterful tailoring to bring women the perfect silhouette. His dresses hug you in the right places, yet are still so comfortable. This to me says that if you’re this daring to wear a bright red dress, than you are just as confident and know exactly what you want in the office too.


Altuzarra: he has been on a rise for a few years now, and I can see why he is so loved by the fashion editors. He can do modern and sophisticated and is great for younger girls starting out. The zippers are super sexy but the shape is strict. I really love this balance, I love it so much in fact that this is on my christmas wish list!


Antonio Berardi: he plays with colors to enhance women’s figures. This dress had to be shown from the back as well because it gives such a graphic visual. I can’t imagine a woman who wouldn’t look great in this, and the longer hemline gives that perfect hourglass figure. Funny when I was younger and someone would tell me I have an hourglass shape I didn’t take it as a compliment. How things change!


I found these amazing pieces on net-a-porter.com and mytheresa.com


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