Paris is giving me plenty of fashion need it now moments. Since white tailored shirts are all the rage at the moment, Guy Laroche showed my favorite ones. Alexander Wang for Balenciaga created my favorite shirt dress that I imagine wearing to my chicest spring outing. And Olivier Rousteing at Balmain gave me an ideal skirt suit to close the biggest deal of the year and a dress to celebrate in afterwards.

Guy Laroche: one and done, the perfectly accented white shirt I want RIGHT NOW. And second picture I can bear to wait for next spring, but equally seductive.


Gareth Pugh: I would never be brave enough to loose myself in his entire outfit but those shapes are giving me something to think about. The long skirts no longer read ‘old’ to me, they read powerful.

MARC0432.450x675 MARC0469.450x675 MARC0671.450x675


Balmain: that pink suit is like Ladurée macaroon, I’d wear it to an important business meeting with a different belt, to make sure I’d come way with whatever I came there for in the first place. And the white dress is what I’d wear to a party to celebrate the successful new business venture. I’m feeling productive already! This is the power of fashion.

_ON_0061.450x675 _ON_0170.450x675


Balenciaga: no need to go far looking for the perfect shirt dress, it’s here! Thank you Alexander Wang. Although I must admit I miss Nicholas Gesquière’s creativity a little bit.

_D7Q1350.450x675 _ON_1020.450x675


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