PFW 2014

To live in Paris when you’re young and have little responsibilities is the ultimate indulgence in my opinion. Because I did that. And I will cherish the memories, friendships, and the experience for the rest of my life. So when looking at collections presented in Paris I cannot separate the city from the fashion. These two go together and certain things look a lot better in Paris than if one wore them someplace else. I feel like designers do not use as much color, print and embellishments because the city of Paris is colorful and embellished enough. Black never looks so good as it does in Paris, just as layering for comfort more than style is very appropriate. Things always look edgier, classier, just better against the Parisian panorama. So on to fashion, 

First up, Anthony Vaccarello: the girls are hot – vaccarello hot; and I particularly love that he brought Malgosia Bela on the runway, what a beauty!



Cédric Charlier: strict color palette, and lots of suits, but this dress spoke to me in particular because the styling is what made it modern – the dress itself is as old as time. 



Christophe Lemaire – to me he is the most parisian street-wear designer. You will actually see a lot of girls dressed very similarly to his designs in those fabrics. The white suit is what I would be wearing if I wanted to particularly blend in on the streets of Paris. 



Damir Doma is another designer that really understands parisian street wear, just a bit more grown up, so another white suit…do I see a trend here?




And to finish up with a master mind behind fashion who mixes ideas and traditions and gives women something new to crave – Dries Van Noten. I have a shirt from him that is a work of art and will never go out of style. Might need to show it on here one time…



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