Milan fashion week is not about trends it’s all about the celebration of a woman in all her glory. Curves, legs, silky hair, beautiful fabrics…it’s all about not being afraid to show your femininity. 

First up Caten brothers at DSquared like their girls on the slutty side:



Followed by Gucci’s sporty but sultry girl, I felt right at home with this collection, the lines, the transparency, the luxury it’s a nice mix that is very relevant to me. Who remembers luxury track pants with stilettos trend about 6 years ago? I was hooked and Barbara Bui was the one to nail it the first time around, I think Frida Giannini is bringing it back…  



MaxMara’s is for grown up women not girls and when I’m ready to get back to my office I’d like to wear this dress my way, with Saint Laurent Stilettos, an Alaïa belt, and Margiela blazer.



all photos from


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