I asked myself this banal question the other day and the answer surprised me. I love fashion because it allows me to hide my imperfections, to trick everyone into thinking I can appear perfect, and indulge in my own vanity and admit to myself and the world that yes I do care what I look like.  Strip me from my high heels, tight leather pants and perfectly distressed T-shirts and black aviators and I become very plain and without the edge that I like to give myself – because that is just my personality. You see, my appearance doesn’t match my personality quiet as much and I use my sense of style to help achieve this symbiosis. At first glance all I talk about is shoes, hats, dresses, and purses but that’s a deception because there is no way the fashion industry could make billions of $ without touching the nerve. Nobody is perfect, but we’d like to think and act as though we are. Fashion industry creates dreams. So to summarize, I love fashion because it allows me to dream. And that is priceless. 

photo of Caroline de Maigret looking perfect as always 


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