It seems like anyone who’s anyone went to spend some time in Mykonos this summer. This is music to my ears because I have been going there for years and falling in love a little more each year. I also have some experience on how to dress there against the blue sky and white buildings with cobble stones. First things first, heels are not a good idea. You might even enjoy your first hour walking around in them but the night usually ends up with you dancing and walking from club to club so comfort is a must. And everybody dresses up to go to the beach! Gorgeous bikinis, beautiful scarfs, hats, little beach dress it’s not a laid back island. So here is a pick of some of my favorites for this summer. There’s still a whole month of August left when David Morales will be celebrating his birthday and Uno Con Carne is the place to be and be seen. EnjoyImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


from top: Isabel Marant shorts, Valentino sandals, Sacai dress, Victoria Backhem skirt,  Balenciaga sandals, and Valentino pink bag


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