Business meetings during beautiful summer days are dreadful. Choosing what to wear to those business meetings and still look presentable is even more challenging. I never imagined that when someone would ask me where to look for summer business appropriate attire I would say Versace. But the resort collection surprised me in the best way. The colors are still very consistent with the DNA of the brand, but the shapes have changed. It’s still tight but appropriately covered up. And don’t forget that the model is quite tall so on a slightly shorter woman those skirts will not be so short. Unless you work in fashion, dressing appropriately for work and still being fashionable is a challenge. Older gentlemen who are a little more conservative do not understand that transparency and cropped tops are in. So I see this as a good alternative for a young girl determined to be fashionable, independent, and just a little sexy.


One thought on “RESORT 2014: VERSACE

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