The season for sale is close and is already having a 50% sale on selected items, which means an opportunity to splurge on something that maybe you wouldn’t normally get. Speaking from past experiences many times I was blinded by the mere mention of sale and gotten clothes that although look great, did not belong in my closet. The point of sale is to get clothes that you will enjoy year after year not the clothes that just look good on. Many things look great on, doesn’t mean they suit your style, taste, lifestyle, etc. So here are some of my tips:

1. Go for classics like the perfect little black dress, sharp blazer, leather pants or stiletto.

2. Do a little research, there is something you have been looking at for months but haven’t yet bought because you think the price is too high, well wait for it to go on sale and get it immediately. Chances are other people have been looking at it as well and it will be sold out in minutes online.

3. Go for big names like Chloé, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Saint Laurent (only a belt was on sale! it says something about how in demand this brand is at the moment!). This guarantees quality.

4. Don’t buy another pair of jeans on sale…you can do that even when it’s not sale season.

5. Do your sale shopping on internet, you have time to think in a calm environment so you don’t purchase something on impulse and regret it later. I usually choose something then walk away from my computer for a couple of hours and if I am still thinking about it, I return and buy it.

Happy shopping!

from top on sale at right now: Alexander McQueen dress, Emilio Pucci leather leggings, Alexander Wang cut out t-shirt, Joseph blazer, Alexander McQueen dress.



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