I know that my review is completely unsolicited about this show and my opinions are just that: opinions. Anyway, I might be looking back a little too much lately. Reminiscing about the days that were and the days of what I wore. And time and time again my favorite looks of me, of other people are the most classic. Perfect jeans, blazer, stiletto, suit, dress…etc. So here I am looking at what Raf Simons is doing for one of the most classic fashion houses in the world and cannot feel a little nostalgia for the days that were under John Galliano. I understand that Raf is trying to make his own signature but I cannot picture the new Dior customer. Who is she? Why is she wearing unzipped dressed to her stomach? Do you really think that it would cut it in her business life? The above looks are the only ones that resonated with me. Now I do like cut outs in unexpected places, I love new, innovative and modern clothes. But from a house like Christian Dior with such high expectations I expect for the dresses to make women look and feel elegant, confident, and powerful. I don’t know many girls that would feel so confident and powerful in what he is showing. 


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