It’s summer somewhere in the world. Everyone is craving sunshine and with it care-free days and getting out the wilder side we try to hide all year round. I have skulls, crosses, fringe, and spikes on my mind á la California summer. My current obsessions, carefully chosen are below:



Hedi Slimane is synonymous with rock n roll chic, he gave us the impossibly slim tailored suits for Dior Homme and when he took the reigns at YSL he blossomed even though there were critics everywhere. I watched his collections in awe as he made me want the simples of t-shirts but made in an expensive mix of cotton, cashmere and silk. Then came the perfect black patent lace up flat that stands out as much as any stiletto would. Then came the perfect suit, the classic tailored cigarette pant that respected women’s curves yet was totally masculine in tailoring. Many accused Hedi Slimane of somehow copying and reproducing clothes that people have already seen before, but his genius was not in reinventing the wheel, his genius was in meticulous execution of every single detail. The little gold chain and little swatch of leather with embossed Saint Laurent on the inside of the perfectly cut jeans was the only discreet labelling that Hedi wanted to show. The perfect wash of denim, the perfect fit, the perfect cut. Even though Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent made clothes we are all familiar with, the way he made them was totally new. Suddenly everything was better, and if you see a pair of Saint Laurent jeans and a t-shirt on the street, they are recognisable because they stand out. Even if a person cannot identify it’s Saint Laurent, there will be questions and compliments of saying, “Wow! This t-shirt looks perfect!” And it wasn’t just t-shirts – he made amazing suits, dresses, cardigans, accessories, aviators, blazers, leather jackets, and trenches. Those were all perfect and reflected the DNA of Yves Saint Laurent himself. He will be truly missed!!

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Where does a professional woman go to find shoes she can run around all day? As much as I love my sky high Christian Louboutin, there is no way you can run around in a 12mm So Kate all day (I tried!), so what is the next best option? I looked everywhere, and tried everything to finally realise that the best shoes for a working woman can be found in Chanel! Chanel shoe is always comfortable first and everything else later, it has the proper refined quality with a touch of fashion and whatever you choose, it will always be appropriate. My top pics from this season are below:


lace-ups-sheet.png.fashionImg.hi©CHANELChanel lace up flats

©CHANELshort_boots-sheet.png.fashionImg.hiChanel open toe ankle boot


Chanel pumps


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The fashion weeks have come to conclusion in the four most important cities for fashion, which are New York, London, Milan, and Paris. And yet I could argue that Paris is the most important fashion city of them all, it is were creativity is not a way to rebel but a way to make a woman feel her very best. After we have seen all over Instagram: colours, feathers, embellishments, slogans, and new proportions the main question still remains unanswered. What does a professional woman wear in an industry dominated by men? How does she stay true to herself without losing the air of professionalism or giving anything away that might not be welcome as a first impression. I know that 21st century is the time for being yourself as you are; however, with more and more women coming into the workforce that notion needs to be seriously reconsidered. The only designer that springs to mind right away as a designer for women who work is Buchra Jarrar, who came on the Parisian scene a few years ago and has only been truly noticed when women start looking for the best cut suit they can find. I am all for creativity, I just find it a bit hard to merry creativity with everyday life, especially a professional one where irony and sense of humour in clothes are rarely appreciated in a board meeting. So here are some of my picks for the women who will be running in heels all over a busy city and has to look just as if not more polished than a man wearing a suit (unfortunately Buchra Jarrar is not so widely sold on the internet, must visit Paris for that).

alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

tom ford

Tom Ford

Bouchra Jarrar



Stella McCartney



In the sea of over dressed and over accessorized fashion crowd outside fashion shows, this is like a drink of cold water in the desert. It pays to stand out, to be different. Pay attention to what surrounds you and then do the opposite.

09-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-11this powerful image is by Tommy Ton for

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Why is she such an important designer? Well, for one thing she is the coolest woman I know who can inspire equally the young generation of girls and the older more mature women. This is no easy feat, it takes a certain knowledge of a woman’s mentality (yes with all the crazy that comes with it) and not to mention the female body – to get it right EVERY TIME! First and foremost she is all about women being comfortable, that is why she puts them in comfortable shoes, beautiful yet durable fabrics and comfortable knits. Because at the end of the day a conceptual piece of art (like that of Dior by Raf Simmons) might be gorgeous for a second, have fun wearing a perforated glossy leather trench as a dress with thigh high skin tight boots all day long. You might do that for an hour, but Isabel Marant makes clothes girls and women want to change into after wearing a stiletto all day long. There is sexy and then there is Isabel Marant sexy, the french je ne sais quo that nobody can replicate unless you’ve lived in Paris.

Isabel Marant Fall 2015 ready to wear


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I was about to write about the fashion weeks ( I know I have been MIA, but when real life is calling, hobbies are put on hold) and then I stopped to browse through net-a-porter and what do I find, a to-die-for military inspired Pierre Balmain jacket that is relevant ALWAYS. If you do not mind 100 complements a day from strangers on how amazing you look then go for it, after all spring is calling!


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